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Baja Carport’s Brandon Morford, CEO – Answers, “Ask the Energy Expert” in enerG Publication

by | Apr 27, 2018 | Articles |

The publication editor of enerG asked Baja Carport’s Brandon Morford, CEO  “If you could send a 100-word message (tweet) to President Donald Trump about the benefits of renewable energy, what would you say to him?” His answer is in enerG March/April 2018 issue.

Mr. President, please think of renewable energy as renewable “power.” The “power” to rely on natural resources rather than others that have supply and demand constraints. The sun shines every day, water flows every day, wind blows every day. Utilizing these natural resources allows us to cleanly power our schools, grow our food, keep the lights on in corporate America, and keep Americans and their families warm at night.  America is great because America is the renewable energy leader of the world!

Brandon Morford, CEO Baja Construction

enerG March/April 2018 online publication


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Established in 1981, Baja Construction Co. Inc. is recognized nationally for its custom Design-Build Solar and Standard Carports, and Covered RV & Boat Storage Development & Installation. With its trademark, Solar Support Systems™ mainframe structures ~ branded under Baja Carports; the company is gaining momentum in Mexico and Canada.

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