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Baja Carports is a Nationwide Commercial Solar & Standard Carport Installer.

The Baja Carports solar and standard canopies are recognized nationwide.

We are experts in pre-engineered, light-gauge high-tensile steel and structual steel carport framing systems.

Baja Carports is a nationwide solar carport, standard shade canopy and covered RV & boat storage carport installer. Our in-house design/engineers, project managers, superintendents, and Baja installation crews work daily offering custom options for our steel structure canopies to find the most cost-effective solutions to maximize coverage and meet customers design specification and budget. Whether it’s a Solar Support System™ designed to support solar panels, standard canopy, covered RV & Boat storage; Baja customers can rely on and trust Baja teams to install and supply Baja Carports nationwide.


Why Baja builds Baja Carports?

We get asked a lot; How’d we get into the business of building carports? In 1981-1982 in the mist of the recession and widespread unemployment affecting the construction field, Bob Hayworth and Luis Fabian built structures that other general contractors considered a risk to spare their labor force on. To make a long story short, in 1981 the partners established Baja Construction and built mainly mini-storage businesses that provided outdoor covered vehicle spaces. It was a living that led to their niche – carports. But still, it wasn’t until the innovation of solar modules and the panels capability to produce significant power that led to Baja Construction expanding the Baja Carport product line to include Solar Support Systems™. 


Dedicated Carport Specialist

At Baja Construction we understand that we are in a unique market and have a niche product line. It’s for this reason, we have dedicated ourselves to the continuous innovation of structural steel design. We empower our design engineers with the best steel material to create the best steel mainframes for solar and non-solar canopies in the industry. Baja’s in-house engineers are committed to designing with steel and working with the top solar photovoltaic module manufacturers in the world to gain peak power performance and maximize coverage for Baja customers.


Baja Solar Carport Installations have Increased

We are witnessing businesses, corporations, and organizations of all sizes, covering their parking lots with solar carports to offset the cost of their electric bill; ultimately becoming their own power producer; achieving a zero-energy building status. [Meaning the total amount of energy used by the building on an annual basis is roughly equal to the amount of renewable energy created on the property.]

These same customers are anticipating the economy’s popularity in electric vehicles. Our customers want to be accommodating to their employees, guest, and customers. As do we with them. It’s a company-wide effort at Baja to find cost-effective solutions in design, engineering, supply, and installment without compromising quality. We’re aiming to have another banner year in 2018! Solar modules are more affordable than they’ve ever been, and the technology in them is only getting better, there is no reason for Baja not to increase its solar carport installations.

“Someday, I wouldn’t be surprised if the building industry saw another guidance standard set; to the liking of ADA compliance. Whereas; every public parking lot must have “X” amount of handicap spaces, it must also have “X” amount of solar covered parking areas or “X” amount of solar covered spaces, and pathways – depending on its footprint.”

Baja Construction’s Marketing Manager, Terri Mierkey

About us

Established in 1981, under the legal name Baja Construction Co., Inc. [License No. 412390] It's the company's trademark Solar Support Systems™ and Standard Canopies products' brand name; Baja Carports, that is instantly recognized and known nationwide among solar integrators, developers, and general contractors as a leading solar carport installer and canopy contractor. 


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