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Baja Carport & Standard Shade Canopy Construction and Installation by Baja Crews.

Experience with Fast-track Schedules

Baja steel canopies & carports are highly customized to meet our customers’ specifications. For this reason, Baja Construction crews install your commercial property’s parking lot project. Our crews understand the inconvenience a construction project can have on a fully operating business. Baja project managers and superintendents safe-off and stage all installation equipment and deliveries from vehicle and foot-traffic. Most all Baja carport and canopy installations are completed in phases, so as not to interfere or inconvenient tenants, employees or guest of the property and its business.

Baja managers and crews are used to working on an aggressive schedule and taking ownership of your project to keep it within budget is their priority! The entire team assigned to your project understand your urgency to get a return on your investment and to be up and running as normal.


Licensed & Certified

Baja Construction Co. Inc. is a licensed General Contractor

  • Licensed Engineers
  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners ® [NABCEP ®] Technical Sales/Installation
  • Certified Fabricators
  • Certified Welders

Bonded & Insured Crews

Bonded experienced installation crews install Baja Carports Solar Support Systems™ and Standard Shade Canopies. By using Baja’s workforce, we control quality and adhere to aggressive installment schedules.



All components in Baja’s pre-fabricated packages meet [or exceed] industry standards.

  • Roof Deck panels are manufactured from steel conforming to ASTM A653 or ASTM A792.
  • Beams, purlins, and single post columns are manufactured from steel conforming to ASTM A653.
  • Double Post Tube Steel columns manufactured from steel conforming to ASTM A500.

All structural components are galvanized in accordance with ASTM A653 G60 minimum coating.


Zincalume®/Galvalume® Steel Coating

Zincalume® is a 45% zinc/ 55% aluminum alloy applied by a continuous hot dip coating process. It offers the strength of steel and the corrosion resistance of aluminum.

Zincalume®/Galvalume® coating provides a silvery-matte surface and is most attractive with a far less reflective glare of traditional chromated galvanized sheets.

What’s parked underneath, matters to us!


Pre-painted with Trim

Our panels can be furnished either bare Zincalume® / Galvalume® or with factory applied, standard paint colors, with color on the top surface and white primer on the underside.


Paint Finishes

Exterior paint finishes vary by vendor and are factory baked on finishes. • Polyester • SMT • Kynar Underside finish consist of 1/2 coat backer or similar.

About us

Established in 1981, Baja Construction Co. Inc. is recognized nationally for its custom Design-Build Solar and Standard Carports, and Covered RV & Boat Storage Development & Installation. With its trademark, Solar Support Systems™ mainframe structures ~ branded under Baja Carports; the company is gaining momentum in Mexico and Canada.

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Please do not send emails regarding solicitation for tradeshow databases. Baja DOES NOT buy databases of any kind!

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