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Protect your outdoor vehicles with a Baja Solar Support System carport or standard canopy! Insurance agencies are starting to offer savings to commercial dealerships and business policyholders who install solar or standards (or a combination of both) on their parking lots.

Dozens of Configurations. Hundreds of Solutions.

All structures are pre-fabricated from pre-galvanized high-tensile, light-gauge steel, and offered in solar or non-solar options to meet the criteria of developers, contractors, and end user’s specifications. Baja Carports has Completed Carport Structure Projects for Dealerships & Auto Repair Shops, Multi-Family Housing, Medical Centers & Hospitals, Schools & Universities, Train Stations, Municipalities & Government Agencies, Sports Complexes, Malls & plazas, & Corporate & Office complexes.

Baja Carports Standard Canopies [Non-Solar]

Installing a standard or solar Baja Carport increases your properties value while protecting vehicles from the sun, hail, and bad weather! Insurance agencies are beginning to offer dealerships with large inventory and fleet owners savings on their insurance policies when they install carports on their lots.

Talk with a Baja sales representative today 800-366-9600!

Talk with a Baja sales representative today

Baja Construction a Custom Design-Build Carport & Canopy Installer Since 1981.

Baja Carports Solar Support Systems™ & Standard Shade Canopies

Designed to Cover. Engineered for Strength. Optimized for Solar.

Baja Solar Support Systems™

Franchise Tax Board, Sacramento, CA | Full Cantilever T Single Post Baja Carport Solar Support System | 3.6 MW | 12,036 Solar Panels | 1,276 Spaces | 216,920 sq ft

Solar Carport Benefits

Solar carports increase property value and reduce property’s electrical expense. In addition, businesses that install solar carports will find specific incentives and tax breaks available to them.

Baja Standard Shade Carports

Henderson Hospital in Nevada Physician's Parking Area | Braced Single Post Back Third Back-to-Back [Painted] | 89 covered spaces | 16,587 sq ft

Standard Canopy Benefits

Installing standard shade canopies on multi-family or affordable housing or on retail and commercial properties adds to greater tenant/leasing retention. Renters, leasees, employees, and guest feel more secure and protected when their vehicles are parked under a shade canopy that is also well lit at night.

Baja Covered RV & Boat Storage

Wilder Self-Storage utilizes Baja Carports Standard Covered RV Canopies to Cover 88 Tenant Spaces

There's a shortage in RV & Boat Storage businesses

Now is the time to invest in a covered RV & boat storage business! Across America and into Canada there is a demand for recreational vehicle storage parking. Adding Solar to the business adds a second revenue income.

What’s parked underneath, matters to us!

Baja Construction is a highly specialized carport, standard shade canopy and covered RV & boat storage construction company. Our in-house design engineers, project managers, superintendents, and Baja Construction crews work daily offering custom options for our [trademark] structure Solar Support Systems™ to find the most cost-effective solutions to maximize coverage and meet customers design specifications and budget. Whether it’s a Solar Support System™, Standard Shade Canopy, Covered RV & Boat Storage or Ground-Mount Solar Farm, our customers can rely on and trust Baja teams to deliver and install Baja Carports nationwide, as well as in Mexico and Canada.

Today, most commercial carports we design, engineer and install are from Baja Carports solar product line. Our design engineers place emphasis on the structures to perform for optimal solar production. Our project managers and design engineers are experts in steel mainframe structures for solar modules [photovoltaic panels] and their production of electrical performance.

To date, Baja has installed over 212 MW, exclusively on Baja Carport’s Solar Support Systems™.

Baja Carport Customers include:

Solar Integrators •  Project Developers • Fortune 500 Companies • State & Local Government • Hospitals & Medical Centers • Schools & Colleges • Multifamily & Affordable Housing • Manufacturers • Agricultural • Transportation • Auto Dealerships

Baja Construction is Recognized Nationwide for Carport Design, Engineering & Installation Services.

Baja Construction rendering for Baja Carports by an in-house design engineer.

In-House Design & Engineering

Baja Construction’s in-house design engineers create custom Solar Support Systems™ and standard canopy designs for our extensive Baja Carport product-line that meet the engineering specifications of the customer and their city’s criteria. Baja’s in-house design engineers provide customers with carport structure plans that seamlessly integrate into their property’s site with the maximum coverage possible. Baja steel carports and canopies are engineered “site-specific” to meet live loads from 20 psf up to 60 psf, and wind speeds from 90 mph to 160 mph.

Nationwide Delivery & Installation Anywhere

Baja Construction teams deliver and install Baja Carports: solar, standard shade canopies, covered RV & Boat storage, and ground mounts for solar farms throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Each Baja Carport is highly specialized, designed and engineered to the customer’s specification using pre-fabricated, pre-galvanized high-tensile, light-gauge steel; for this reason, we use our workforce to ensure quality from delivery to installation. Baja is a vertically integrated company, this allows us the affordability to stay competitive, control production, and support a fast-track installation schedule.

Damaged carport caused by vehicle colliding into it

Carport & Canopy Repair

Baja Construction has a division dedicated to carport and canopy repair. A Baja Construction repair technician will assess the damage and price the repair accordingly. Most damage caused to carports is from a vehicle colliding with the column post or its roof’s trim. Our carport repair team’s priority is safety first. Baja technicians are supportive and understand the urgency to get the structure repaired and back into commission. We service all brands of carports; The damage does not need to be to a Baja Carport or canopy that we’ve installed. Because Baja’s primary service is designing and engineering carports, our repair technicians are experts in repairing carport structures to industry compliance.

Get Savvy on Solar 

Fortune 500 Sustainability

For big businesses, going green isn’t just about saving the environment. Nearly half of Fortune 500 companies have incorporated sustainability goals and initiatives in the workplace, not only helping to save billions but also improve public perception. Here are some of the steps that the most successful companies are taking to work towards a greener future.

Earth view of Solar Carports at New York Suffolk County Train Station

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What sets Baja Construction apart from other companies is Baja’s in-house experts: designers, engineers, project managers, and office personnel. All work together to provide you with the answers & information you need about Baja Carport Solar Support Systems™, Standard Canopies, Covered RV & Boat Storage Canopies, and Solar Ground Mounts.


No plans? No problem.

You don’t need a set of architecture plans to begin talking to us about your carport or canopy parking lot project. Baja’s in-house design engineers will work closely with you to meet your project specifications and the city’s criteria. You’ll have our design team’s years of experience applied to your plans. Baja’s engineers will deliver a set of plans that show maximum canopy coverage and details the most-effective layout for your business’ parking lot.

[Because Baja’s carports are highly customized, Baja does not sell design engineering drawings/plans of any kind to end-users to then install or erect a Baja Carport Solar Support Systems™ or Baja standard shade canopy.]


Wherever your project location

Baja has logistics in place to complete solar carport and standard shade canopy installations anywhere! We use local and national suppliers. Baja project managers and engineers interact with our suppliers daily to avoid unnecessary material delays and to resolve issues before problems can arise. No carport or standard shade canopy install is too large or too small for Baja Construction!

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Baja Carport Solar Support Systems™

About us

Established in 1981, Baja Construction Co. Inc. is recognized nationally for its custom Design-Build Solar and Standard Carports, and Covered RV & Boat Storage Development & Installation. With its trademark, Solar Support Systems™ mainframe structures ~ branded under Baja Carports; the company is gaining momentum in Mexico and Canada.

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