Standard Carports installed by baja have dozens of custom design possibilities

Standard carports add curb-side appeal and can help maintain tenant retention

baja’s standard carports product line includes six standard canopy frame configurations. Our design engineers can create hundreds of canopies based on these base configurations. 

When it’s not possible to integrate a baja Carport solar structure frame into a property’s footprint, or it doesn’t make sense due to the location for optimal PV performance a standard carport is the solution. baja’s design engineers create standard carports that compliment the nearby environment and the property’s architecture to meet the customer’s criteria and budget.

baja engineers can design for solar-ready carports. Providing customers with standard carports ready for solar panels can be cost-effective, especially since solar panels are getting less expensive.

Braced Single Post Carport

  • Most popular single row coverage
  • Flat, upslope & downslope
  • Ideal for narrow lots, pathways, up against retaining wall, fenced area
  • Office, Multi-Family, Affordable Housing, Community Pool

Full Cantilever Box Carport

  • Single row coverage
  • Carport slopes located along mainframe’s eves
  • Flat, upslope & downslope
  • Ideal for parking lots that have narrow rows [often used with baja Full Cantilever]
  • Offices, Retail Plazas, Parking Garages, Community Pools, Schools

Full Cantilever “T” Carport

  • Covers two parking rows
  • Post located in structures centerline between rows
  • Flat & sloped array
  • Ideal for large parking areas
  • Corporation, Government Campuses, Hospitals, Stadiums, Transportation, Universities, Tracker Trailer Coverage, Equipment Coverage

Double Post Carport

  • Covers two single rows
  • Post installed adjacent to each other
  • Flat or sloped array
  • Ideal for large parking coverage
  • Corporations, Government Campuses, Hospitals, Stadiums, Transportation, Universities

Full Cantilever Tapered

  • Single row coverage to two rows
  • Flat, upslope & downslope
  • Ideal for Multi-Housing Condos & Apartments, Affordable Housing

Back to Back Single Post

  • Single row coverage to two rows
  • Flat, up-slope & down-slope
  • Two, three or four post columns [depends on live-load & customer’s criteria]
  • Ideal for multi-family properties, affordable housing, and condominium parking areas

Specialties Gable Carports

  • Single row or two rows coverage
  • Flat, up-slope & down-slope
  • Ideal for multi-family, condos & apartments, affordable Housing

Trash Canopies

baja can include trash and recycling canopies with our bid proposal. It’s essential to keep unity between the properties architecture, and the other carports and canopies aesthetics so that these structures don’t look like an afterthought. 

Standard Carport Installation Benefits

Adding standard carports on a parking lot is economical while boosting the property’s value. baja‘s standard carports are popular among commercial developers and property owners in the multi-family and affordable housing sector. On most commercial housing projects to date, baja is installing standard carports, solar-ready, and solar carports on the same property. Solar carports help owners reduce electrical costs while increasing tenant retention. Renters and owners want the amenity of a covered parking space. baja works closely with customers to provide them with the carport solution that best fits their property’s needs.

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