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Baja Carports Services include Solar Carport & Standard Shade Canopy Repair.

Covered Parking Repairs & Restoration

Baja Repairs Damaged Commercial Solar Carports and Standard Canopies.

When a solar carport or shade canopy is damaged by severe weather, a vehicle collision, or the elements of its environment, we recommend having experts assess the damage. Baja Construction estimators and technicians are supportive and understand time constraints. Small dings to post, to trees toppling onto carports need to be addressed promptly. If left unattended safety is a concern, and further damage can occur.


Carport Post & Column Damage

Dents, dings, if not assessed or repaired correctly can over time jeopardized the overall stability of the entire structure.


Carport Restoration & Maintenance

Carport repairs include structural straightening to full demo and rebuilds. A Baja technician will evaluate the scope of work and bid accordingly. Maintaining a carport or shade canopy’s appearance is important to the property’s value. A property’s carport or shade canopy is usually the first structure seen by passerby’s and interested prospects.


Solar Panel Replacement

Solar panels and their support systems are complex. Baja Construction repairs the solar support system structure, i.e., post, racking [purlins] and mounting components. Our Baja installation crews will replace damaged solar panel(s). We then have a solar module electrical subcontractor handle the photovoltaic connection to its grid connection system.

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Established in 1981, under the legal name Baja Construction Co., Inc. [License No. 412390] It's the company's trademark Solar Support Systems™ and Standard Canopies products' brand name; Baja Carports, that is instantly recognized and known nationwide among solar integrators, developers, and general contractors as a leading solar carport installer and canopy contractor. 


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