baja Carports Services include Solar Carport & Standard Carport Repair

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Carport Post & Column Damage

Dents, dings, if not assessed or repaired correctly can over time jeopardized the overall stability of the entire structure.

Carport Restoration & Maintenance

Carport repairs include structural straightening, full demos and rebuilds. A baja technician will evaluate the scope of work and bid accordingly. Maintaining a carport or shade canopy’s appearance is important to the property’s value. A property’s carport or shade canopy is usually the first structure seen by passerby’s and interested prospects.

Solar Panel/Module

Solar panels and their support systems are complex. baja Construction repairs the solar support system structure, i.e., post, racking [purlins] and mounting components. Our baja installation crews will replace damaged solar panel(s). We then have a solar module electrical subcontractor handle the photovoltaic connection to its grid connection system.

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